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VIOBA Scholarship

How many Victorians are aware we have a VIOBA Foundation that supports the school and Victorians in general through scholarships and other expenses? Do you know it has a tax exempt status? This means donors will enjoy tax relief for the amount donated!

Many Victorians have created funds (kept in Fixed Deposits) of which interests are then utilised to support the school and Victorians. Currently VIOBA Foundation has close to RM3 million which generates about RM90,000 a year which is then used to support the scholarships and expenses.


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VIOBA Annual Golf Tournament 2013 Report

It was an early start for the organizing committee with many getting into the club even before the staff! Banners and VIOBA flags were hoisted up and as daylight penetrated the darkness, it was clear that it will be a good day for golfing, as the weather will be similar to that of St. Andrews, gray skies and moody all round! However soil and fairway conditions were soggy.

About 60 Victorian Golfers participated for the annual VIOBA Golfing Tournament held at the Danau Golf Club on the 1st of Dec, 2013, with guests from DBKL and PIBG. Tee off was at sharp 8am with a Group picture taking session and then we were off with a gun-shot start!


It was pretty rough going, the wet soil conditions meant the greens were slow and not so easy to find. Many a balls went astray and played hide and seek with the golfers. Even the sweet young caddies were not able to help. Trudging up and down the fairway seemed to be par for this course.

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VIOBA Welcome Note


I am KC Kwek, Victorian 1980-1986. I am humbled to be called upon to serve as the President of VIOBA for 2013-2015. The current Management Committee is made up of Victorians of experience ---having been in the VIOBA and the Committee for a number of terms--- and younger Victorians who will bring energy and vigour. Also on board is YBhg. Dato Yusli Mohamed Yusoff, who has graciously agreed to continue as Patron.

The past Management Committees have worked hard on a number of issues and have laid the foundation for a stronger, more vibrant VIOBA. My colleagues on the MC and I intend to strive hard to ensure that we stay on course to build a resilient VIOBA, in particular the communications and networking amongst Victorians locally and abroad, VIOBA’s finances and activities. We will work on improving ties with the School and the Administration with the aim of strengthening the bonds between current pupils and old boys.

As always support from members and Victorians remain crucial and I look forward to receiving feedback on how we may improve VIOBA further for the benefit of all.


KC Kwek (




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The VIOBA Golf Tournament 2013


The VIOBA Golf Tournament is a yearly event that pitches all Victorian Old Boys in a good old-fashioned golf tournament over 18 holes of golf in one of Malaysia's most aesthetic looking golf courses, Danau Golf Club at Bangi. Not only does the Tournament promote healthy sportmanship among Old Boys, but it facilitates networking, brotherhood, re-acquantaince with the School and a chance to thrash it out, once again, at a golfing course. 


This year, the VIOBA Golf Tournament 2013 is no exception! Open to the public to spectate, the Tournament will include, not only the Old Boys, but also participants from PIBG VI, the School as well as VVIPs participants.


The Tournament is scheduled to take place on:-


TIME:              1.12.2013, Sunday

VENUE:          DANAU Golf Club, Bangi

TEE TIME:   8.00 a.m. Tee Time

FEE:                   RM 250.00 per player


The Registration Form may be found attached below together with the Tournament Annoucement from VIOBA. 


Note: In the Registration Form, if you pre-selected foursome, please list down your team members. If not, we will be glad to pair you up with a great team.


For more information: please contact the Tournament Committee:-


  1. Nik Sidek: 012-2901969 or
  2. Muthu Kannu: 012-2673100 or
  3. Mohd Talha: 019-6409877




Notwithstanding the above, the Tournament is also designed to close the gap between VIOBA, the School, the Old Boys, and those who have helped and assisted VIOBA and the School and continue to do so. The Tournament also has a fund raising objective for the School.


The other objective of the Tournament is to select Golfers to represent VIOBA in the Quadrangular Golf Championship and in the Perdana Shield


Details of the Quadrangular Golf Championship are as follows:-


Date:     8.12.2013 (Sunday)

Venue: Impiana Golf & Country Club, Kajang


Details of the Perdana Shield are as follows:-


Date:     Tentatively 2nd weekend of January 2014

Venue: TBA




The VIOBA Management Committee together with the Tournament Committee would be obliged if you could support / sponsor the Tournament in the following ways:-


  1. VIP Flight Sponsorship (play with the KL Mayor & Other VVIPs) @ RM 2500.00;
  2. Flight Sponsor / Individual Golfer @ RM1500.00 / RM 300.00;
  3. Cash Donations (any amount)


We would be further obliged if anyone is interested in providing golfer goodie bags or any individual item(s) to be included into the same. To give you an idea, we have had tees, pens, shirts, face towels in the past. 


For more information: please contact Zainal @ by Monday, 18.11.2013. 


For further information, please refer to the Tournament Announcement attached below. 


See you at the Tournament. 


Follow us on Twitter at @VIOBAMC or at Facebook at "Victoria Institution Old Boys Association" for the latest updates on the Tournament


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