An Open Letter to Raja Petra Kamaruddin: In Defence of V Murugasu.

An Open Letter to Raja Petra Kamaruddin:

In Defence of V Murugasu. ( Departed 2022 )

I too was a VI boy from 1963 to 1969. We were in the same year, though you were in the Art class and I was in Science. I remember the ‘orang putih’ student but we were never acquainted. In fact, I kept my distance having heard rumors you belonged to the notorious Long Foo Tong gang that operated in the Petaling Street area.

I too was a rebel in my own way, mixing with the mischievous boys, but not gangsters. I too kept long hair, as long as I could get away with it. I remember Murugasu engaging a barber to come to our school. The guilty students were lined up, a half coconut shell was placed on each head. Their hair cut well above their ears, resulting in Friar Tuck hairstyles.

I was into Rock music, admired the Hippies, and read counter culture magazines and books. I experimented with ganja bought from Brickfields and enjoyed wild parties. Like you I was quite anti-establishment.

I too had my backside or outstretched hand whipped more times than I can remember, even in front of my female classmates in Sixth form, for indiscipline and falling grades. I too suffered a lot.

When I went to University in London, I did not have a haircut for 3 years. I found Freedom, Carnaby Street, and Flower Power. But then I grew up! I realized that Murugasu and VI had laid the solid foundation for me to advance in life, to take responsibilities , and later to become a rather successful surgeon. I no longer harbor any grudge to the former. In fact, I have much gratitude.

I admired you when you were at the forefront of the Reformasi movement. I looked forward to reading your articles. I even bought a large oil painting of you standing behind bars when you were briefly detained under ISA.

But since Cash became King, your Malaysia Today constantly spits out trash fit for the dustbin. My opinion. I have long ago not bothered to read it. I would not have known of your article had my VI chat group not forwarded it to me. We felt angry and offended.

You too could have become an engineer, lawyer, accountant, or whatever. But you chose to be a blogger, anarchist, and destroyer of governments, just quoting your own words! Add to that, a political hack, a gun for hire. Numerous people have commented that you have U turned to become treacherous, corrupt, hypocritical, and often a liar. Using your favorite phrase, I am calling out a spade a spade. I have to refrain from using the same disgusting curses and profanities that come out of your writings.

You have become by choice to be what you are. It’s not too late to grow up!

Don’t blame the Headmaster or School.

Incidentally, V Murugasu passed away last year, aged 92, and cannot defend himself from your scurrilous attack. Bless his soul.

He made VI the premier school in the country, tops in exam results and on the sports field. Nurturing thousands of grateful students who proudly identify themselves as Victorians.

Selamat Hari Raya to you and family

Your ex schoolmate,

Dr S Wong

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