Annual Games Victoria Institution vs Malay College Kuala Kangsar

VI Greens, October 12, 2013

The event started with the arrival of the Guest of Honour, Tuan Rosli representing Yayasan Selangor which sponsors students at both VI and MCKK. All stood at attention as we sang Negara Ku, followed by the MCKK and VI school songs respectively.

The first game was between the under 13s and as the boys trooped in, the Victorians started singing their battle hymns to cheer their team on. VI played aggressively and was soon reaping rewards with a successful try and conversion. VI leads 7-0 going into half time. The second half saw the MCKK boys using the flanks to spread the VI defence and they were successful in getting 2 tries but the extra points were not converted, MCKK leads 10-7. The match then see-sawed with MCKK leading well into the final minutes when VI launched a counter attack that brought everyone to their feet, they were inches away from stealing victory but errors in ball handling caused them the match. Final whistle blows, first blood drawn to MCKK!
The second game was between the under 16s. MCKK started with their Maori “haka” with the Victorians eyeballing them….closely. Tension was certainly in the air. The first attempt at getting some points on the board went to VI, when a penalty was awarded 10 metres from the half line. VI attempted a penalty conversion but failed. The games continued now with MCKK probing the flanks and successfully scoring the first try. The subsequent kick was good, 7-0 to MCKK. The inability of Victorians to handle the ball well and with the speed of the MCKK wingers leads to another try, no successful conversion this time. VI goes to halftime 12 points behind.
The second half started under rainy conditions, MCKK had the strategy of exposing VI on the flanks and capitalised on their superior handling of the slick ball. They scored 3 more tries with a conversion and led the game 29-0. VI now had to battle for pride and had possession 25 metres in the MCKK half. A penalty is awarded moments before the horn blew and VI kicked for points, finally 3 points on the board for the battling and bruised Victorians. MCKK were deserved winners, playing to their strengths and utilising the speedy wingers to score tries.
It is remarkable that VI and MCKK were evenly matched for the under 13’s but the MCKK under 16’s were a stronger team, with good tactics and better coordinated attacks. Perhaps in the final analysis, the boys from the north, having stayed, played and studied together displayed cohesiveness that gave them the edge. VI players were not bad, just outplayed. It is time for VI to rethink its strategy on rugby development for their teams.