Career Talk August 2010 Report

Dr Anne’s talk at VI is part of her visit to schools and colleges in Singapore and Malaysia on behalf of St Anne’s College, University of Oxford.

In particular, she is visiting Raffles Junior College and the Ministry of Education (Scholarships Secretariat) in Singapore. In Malaysia, VI and Assunta are the only public schools she is to visit on this trip. The rest are private colleges like Sunway College and Help College, and private international high schools such as ISKL, Mount Kiara International and Gardens International.


Dr Anne Mullen: Senior Tutor, Tutor for Admissions & Tutor for Graduates
St Anne’s College, University of Oxford
Tel: +44 (0)1865 274858, Email:

Senior Tutor: Responsible for the College’s academic strategy and student academic development. Responsible for maintaining academic standards, teaching arrangements and dealing with new academic appointments and undergraduate issues.

Tutor for Admissions: Oversees all admissions activity for undergraduates and handles contacts with secondary schools and colleges (e.g. Open Days, Teachers’ Forums, visits to and from schools, admissions interviews). Responsible for setting global and subject quotas for entry.

Tutor for Graduates: Responsible for all arrangements involving graduates, including graduate admissions and social events for graduates and advisers. Monitors academic progress and administers Graduate Scholarships and Research Travel Awards. Organises appointment of Junior Research Fellows.

Dr Mullen is responsible for the co-ordination and smooth running of all aspects of welfare support available in College. She is keen to ensure that students know what help is available and that they seek information, guidance and support as soon as they think they need it. She is able to offer informal and confidential advice and support to students on academic, welfare and pastoral issues.

Previous history: 1996 – 2006: Royal Holloway, University of London. Senior Lecturer in Italian, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts (2004-06), Tutor for Admissions for Modern Languages (2001-06).


Professor Norman Yeow Khean
VI class of 1961

This talk is a sincere contribution by Norman for VI and its ideals. He agreed to the talk promptly, and on short notice, upon being asked by a VIOBA committee member.


As Emeritus Professor and Honorary Scientist to National ICT Australia, Professor Norman’s current research in artificial intelligence encompasses:

  • Nonmonotonic Reasoning
  • Logics of Action
  • Logic Programming
  • Simulation and Modelling
  • Systems Theory
  • Emergence
  • Ontologies
  • Social Agents, Trust

He has published in these areas since the late 1960s, with about 60 papers published in the last 10 years alone.

Recently, on 14 July 2010, Norman gave a talk at University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) titled "The Tragedy of the Commons" that examined ways of modelling behaviours using a number of formalisms ranging from game theory to behavioural economics. It then looked at measures than can be taken to alleviate such behaviours.

Personal background:

Although Professor Norman is now an Australian national, he was born in Ipoh, Malaysia and completed his high school at Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur. He obtained his Bachelor and Masters in Electrical Engineering, from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1965 and 1966.

He then worked for Telecom Malaysia for four years as a communications engineer before resuming graduate study at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbour, USA, from which he obtained a PhD in Computer and Communication Sciences in 1974.

He then taught at SUNY Binghamton before joining the University of Sydney, at which he eventually held a personal Chair as Professor of Knowledge Systems. He moved to the School of Computer Science and Engineering of the University of New South Wales in August 1996 to assume its third Professorship.

He was seconded to set up the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Program of the National ICT Australia (NICTA) research institute in 2003, the leadership of which he passed to his colleague Prof Toby Walsh in April 2005. He retired in July 2006, but continues his research in UNSW and NICTA as an Emeritus Professor. He has been Visiting Professor at IBM Systems Reseach in New York, the Universities of Birmingham and Bath in England, and the University of Patras in Greece.

Professor Norman has two sons, Kerwyn, a medical graduate who is an oncologist at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney and Lyndon, an IT graduate who is with Google in Singapore. He is married to Yoke Lin Tan, an economist who worked for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners prior to retirement.


Download the official flyer here.