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Exciting New Look for the Club House!

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  • Exciting New Look Club House (enhancing its original ‘art deco’ architectural style)
  • PLUS a New Cafe Operator!

Over the course of the past months, since taking over the operations of the clubhouse, the Management Committee (MC) has been beset with a host of problematic issues concerning the clubhouse and the previous tenant/caterer.

Firstly, we had issues with the tenant/caterer with whom we had to part ways unfortunately, not on the best of terms, after months of negotiations and wrangling, to and fro, with the Chairman of the Building & Grounds Sub Committee David Dzulkifli Robert.
Eventually, the MC had no choice but to end the relationship with the tenant/caterer.

When the tenant/caterer finally left (without any notification), after requesting for extensions of their tenancy agreement (which we generously agreed to), they literally stripped bare the entire clubhouse, callously leaving the clubhouse looking like a war zone!

This was a sad ending, as the MC tried very hard to make things work, mainly because the caterer was an old boy and we wanted to give him another chance.
The rental had been reduced drastically by the previous MC and since the new MC took charge, zero rent was paid, based on undocumented claims that the previous MC had not reimbursed the caterer for utility payments.

To make matters even worse, the tenant/caterer did zero maintenance work on the roof and gutters/down pipes, causing major rainwater damage to the walls, wall tiles and floor tiles, during the time that they were tenants.

Within a month of the departure of the tenant/caterer, the MC decided to invite tender bids for the following :

1) renovating the clubhouse


2) Operating the Cafe

In the ‘Notice to Bidders’ it was made clear that a key part of the tender exercise was to give preference to bidders who can do both the jobs, ie. doing the renovations as well as providing catering services.

We are pleased to report that altogether, four parties submitted proposals (three written and one verbal)

The preliminary interviews were handled by David who then analyzed the proposals and submitted his recommendation to the MC to make the final decision.


After studying the recommendation, the MC arrived at the decision to accept the recommendation and appoint the lowest cost and technically qualified bidder, as the new Cafe Operator

The winner was selected by the committee for the following reasons, namely,

  1. they were prepared to invest in the extensive upgrading of the clubhouse
  2. they assured the management committee of a wide selection of menu items
  3. that the clubhouse be open to non-members to also patronize the club.

For the caterer to succeed, the committee is mindful of the fact that there must be a decent regular traffic to patronize the clubhouse. This is why besides OBA alumni, the committee has decided to allow the public to enjoy the services to be rendered by the caterer.

Finally, of course, what is more important is that VI Old Boys can now be proud of the fact that finally we have a up and running clubhouse to allow us to patronize the club as well as use the club for members’ benefit and also for functions.

Once the renovations to the clubhouse is completed and the caterer is in place the committee will organize a soft opening of the clubhouse, anticipated around the end of March.

Watch out for the announcement on our OBA website and Facebook page.

Report by :
David Dzulkifli Robert
Chairman, Facilities & Services Sub-committee

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