Looking for renovators for the clubhouse

Dear Victorians,

The VIOBA MC has finally managed to get the non-performing Cafe Operator to vacate our clubhouse.
They have done so in early December, leaving the clubhouse in a mess.

We are now looking for qualified bidders/renovation contractors, to submit proposals, to renovate the club.

A preferred option, would be to identify a renovator who could also operate the Cafe in the club.

The following are workscope items that must be addressed & priced in their proposals:

1) repair all the roof leaks

2) repair all the walls that have been damaged by the leaking rainwater

3) repair/replace the ceiling boards that have been damaged by the rainwater

4) replace the floor tiles that have warped/shrunk due to the rainwater

5) thoroughly clean and fumigate the kitchen & the building of rats and their droppings

6) to paint the interior and the exterior of the clubhouse (with colors that the VIOBA will select)

7) to excavate & remove all the cracked and damaged cement around the grounds
And replace with grass or astro turf

8) to replace all fans

9) to replace all aircons

10) to ensure that there is adequate lighting indoors and outdoors.

11) clean up and repaint the Foundation Stone

12) renovate and make good 2 existing staff toilets, with WC, sinks and faucets

13) remove a tree stump at the front of the clubhouse and

14) hack and remove the concrete raised flooring at the front car park.

An optional item that may be addressed/priced by the bidders, that would be of interest to the club:

1) a proposal on how the Bidder will Operate a Cafe in the club

All proposals should be sent to:

daviddzulkifli@ gmail.com

All proposals have to be submitted by 12 noon (1200 hours) on the 17th of February.
All late submissions will be disqualified

Should any bidder want to inspect the clubhouse, pls contact David at 012 406 9494

The VIOBA Management Committee

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