Message from the new President of the VIOBA, Dato Dr Ron Tan Kee Kwong

Dear Fellow Victorians

I was elected as your President of VIOBA in early December 2021. I am indeed very honoured to hold this prestigious post of our beloved VI, the second oldest school in Malaysia.

We all owe our alma mater, The VI, a lot for moulding us in so many positive ways in our formative years. Those early years I consider the best years of my life.

I am also very privileged to lead a very enthusiastic and highly committed board of management committee comprising of a wonderful combination of both senior and younger members of our OBA. We are truly a mixture of young and old.

Together we will plan many programmes in the near future. There is much to be done.

One of the more urgent priorities for us is to put our house in order. For example, there is an urgent need to spruce up the surrounds of the property. We have tasked committee member, David Robert, my compatriot (same year as myself) to clean up the building premises and make it very presentable for our old boys to patronize the club soon.

We also intend to organise monthly talks, hold sports and family days. We shall publish all these future activities in our social media sites which are all in the process of going LIVE.

Another equally important priority for me is to initiate VIOBA gatherings not just in KL but also to reach out to our many fellow Victorians who reside outstation and even overseas across the causeway in Singapore, Australia and the UK.

There will be an excellent opportunity for all VI old boys to come together again when our association shall celebrate our 100th Anniversary, a great milestone for the OBA. The committee has delegated this important assignment to committee member, Dato Andrew Abishegam, to organise this important event. Dato Abishegam shall post the date, details of the dinner very soon.

To the numerous VI old boys who are yet to join VIOBA, I strongly urge you to join the

VIOBA. The membership committee under the chairmanship Dato Mohd Irwan will prepare a template to make it easier for you to join by filling in online application forms.

Once again, I look forward to my term as your new President and I shall endeavour to do my very best to serve the best interests of the OBA as well as our school.

See you soon in our upcoming VIOBA events.

With warm regards
Dato Dr Tan Kee Kwong
President of VIOBA
Class of 1964
School Captain, 1966

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