Mohktar Dahari Challenge (MDC) 2014


It was a gloomy Saturday morning as Victorians gathered at the VI Greens on May 17, 2014 for the biggest edition of the Mokhtar Dahari Challenge Trophy with 39 teams from across the batches. The most senior was 1980 while the most junior was 2008. Together with their supporters and friends, over 500 Victorians of all years came back to school for the ultimate bragging rights of being MDC Champions for the year!


By the time the first game started, a steady drizzle turned into a downpour. It did not have any effect on the players or supporters, in fact, it became even more interesting as the field became slick in cleaner patches with other parts being waterlogged. The field conditions really separated the fit from the unfit, the regulars of football from the once a year players. By lunchtime, when the qualifying rounds were over, only the best prepared were left. There was a carnival atmosphere throughout the day, with many batches bringing in their own party food, there was even a whole barbeque lamb!

At the end of the day, the winners stood out. They all played as a team, supported one another, had the right strategy and national players. How to lose when you have a former national player la, malu man! 

The honour rolls this year:

OPEN CATEGORY Champions: 2005, Runners-up : 2008, Third : 2007B


MASTERS CATEGORY Champions: 1997A, Runners-up: 2001B, Third: 1997B


VETERAN CATEGORY Champions: 1986, Runners-up: 1990, Third: 1988


A dedication to the best player from the Veteran’s team, Shahrin Majid (Victorian 1986). Well done to everyone who participated and thank you to all sponsors and Organizing Committee capably led by Khairi Shah and VIOBA Sports Committee, Nik Sidek.