“My Classroom” Enhancement Project

In the VIOBA annual dinner held at the VI Quadrangle on 31st May 2015, VIOBA encouraged old Victorians to adopt their classroom as part of an enhancement scheme to ensure a viable learning environment for our current Victorians. From a sum RM20,000 per classroom for the dinner, a major part of the fund will be used to paint and repair and furnish the class with new tables and chairs.

Mr. Ruben Gnanalingam was the first to offer his support for the project and adopted his 5 Arts (then) classroom. The room was in abject condition with a badly leaking roof and water stains all over the ceiling. The school managed to obtain funds to repair the roof and VIOBA was allowed access to paint and repair the room in the school term holidays.

Condition before


The first challenge was getting someone willing to do the job. We managed to find a contractor willing to take time off from his present work to spend a week to paint and repair broken ceiling boards and window panes. The room was painted the VI colours and the doors given a fresh coat of paint.

VIOBA then ordered new furniture, consisting 40 tables and chairs for the students and 1 set of teacher’s table and chair, which was delivered in late December 2015. The newly enhanced classroom was then handed over to the Headmaster on December 30th in time for the new school term of 2016.

Condition after


The amounts spent was RM8,000 for the furniture and about RM5,000 to RM7,000 for the painting and repair work (depending on actual condition of classroom). VIOBA invites more participation for these projects and hope that Victorians will step forward to assist our alma mater. For further information, please contact VIOBA or me. Thank you to Mr. Ruben Gnanalingam for his continuous support towards VIOBA and VI. Happy New Year!

Warmest Regards,

KC Kwek – President