Tribute to Dato’ Jaffar Indot


I received sad news that eminent Victorian, Dato’ Jaffar Indot passed away yesterday. This is indeed a sad day for Victorians and all of us who knew him. Dato’ Jaffar was in VI from 1947-1951 where he completed his secondary education. In an interview with the Seladang he said the most important lesson he learned from his days in VI was honesty and integrity, and a strong belief in fairness and a high sense of values. Above all, to respect each other’s religious beliefs.


Dato Jaffar was the Chairman of the VIOBA Foundation and under his guidance the funds grew to a healthy RM3million. The proceeds from the fund are still being used to support VI and students today. He was awarded the recognition as Victorian of the Year 2009 and in his tribute, Dato’ Dr. RS McCoy described Dato Jaffar as "a fine product of the Victoria Institution and an education system that aimed at high academic standards and inculcated a value system that embraced diversity, tolerance, compassion, personal responsibility, discipline, respect, trustworthiness and communal solidarity."

On behalf of Victorians, we send our heartfelt condolences to Datin Patricia and family, and may Dato’ Jaffar rest in peace.


KC Kwek – President