VIOBA has a new President!

The VIOBA held its annual general meeting at 10 am on Saturday 4 December 2021 at the association’s building.

There was a pretty good turn-out of 40 over members who attended the AGM which was chaired by Ronald Quay.

Former VI Captain, year 1966, Dato Ron Tan Kee Kwong, was elected as the new President of the OBA. An illustrious old boy of the school, Dato Ron Tan was previously a Deputy Minister as well having served three terms as a Member of Parliament.

Elected as Vice-President is former committee member, Dato Mohd Irwan Rizal.

Elected as Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer respectively were Syed Naufal Shahabudin and Sureson Krishnasamy.

The following old boys were elected to be Members of the Management Committee.

They are :

David Dzulkifli Robert                            Committee  

Ronald Quay Ong Guan                         Committee

Dato’ Sri Andrew Abishegam                Committee

Datuk Wong Rhen Yen                          Committee

Ahmad Najib Salleh                               Committee

Nik Mohd Sidek                                     Committee

Sufyan Abu Bakar                                 Committee

Muhammad Ramdhan Susami               Committee

Zamri Mohd Zaman Khan                       Committee

As per the constitution, all members of the new Management Committee shall serve for a two term, 2021 – 2023.